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Some hands-on volunteer roles for summer camp and after school include band managing, camp counseling, teaching a workshop, instrument instruction, and performing for our campers! You can also help out throughout the year with event planning, fundraising, flyering, design, crafting, writing, photography, sound engineering, playing a benefit show, grant writing, recording, hauling gear, fixing gear, or by joining a committee! NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: As GRNC works to undermine expectation and idea of expertise, we not only include but encourage people with no musical background to volunteer! Our volunteers are camper parents, camp alumni, Women’s Studies enthusiasts, working-class folks, local musicians, unapologetic feminists, community college students, chefs, social workers, music fans, artists, social justice activists, writers, women who wish they had rock camp when they were young, and people who generally support girls' empowerment! Our volunteers are YOU. ON GENDER: Girls Rock NC is most importantly a mentorship organization, and we strive to provide excellent and supportive role models for all of our campers. At our programs, we aim to carve out spaces for women, girls, and femme folks to be with each other and make noise together. We invite individuals who self-identify as women, gender-nonconforming, gender-variant, and/or non-binary to apply for direct roles at rock camp! This includes band managing, camp counseling, performing, instrument instruction, workshop instruction, and more. Additionally, we welcome and greatly value individuals of any gender identity (including men) to volunteer in more indirect ways! These roles include but are not limited to: child care, gear hauling, food coordination, gear repair, design, promotion, flyering, fundraising, event-planning, and more. Girls Rock NC is an LGBTQIA+-inclusive and affirming organization, and we are committed to providing a safer space for all we serve. We appreciate your support, and are always interested in ongoing conversations about gender! SUMMER CAMP VOLUNTEER ROLES: DIRECT ROLES → These positions are reserved for people who self-identify as women, gender-nonconforming, and/or non-binary. FULL-TIME: Band Manager (Monday–Wednesday 1–4:30pm, Thursday–Friday 9am-4:30pm, Saturday 1–5pm) At the beginning of the week, campers form bands and are paired with a band manager. This is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions at camp! This role involves supporting and facilitating the creative process with your band of four to five campers while they work together to write original music for their showcase at the end of the week. You will work with your band to help them navigate group dynamics, set up their instruments, play together, work out band names, write songs, and all the other things that come along with creative group projects. No musical experience is required for this position, but it is helpful. Camp Counselor (each day 9am–5pm) This is a full-time, week-long position. Each weekday, you will be at camp from 9am-5pm. Counselors serve as mentors for assigned groups of campers. This will involve checking in with them each morning, ferrying them to and from on-site workshops and band practices, offering advice and help throughout the day, facilitating games, and spending time with them during breaks. This role does not require a background in music or youth education, but if you do have experience in either of those areas, you may be called upon to offer expertise. If you do have small scheduling conflicts throughout the week, we can work with you; just let us know! Teen Mentor (each day 8:30am–4:30pm) A volunteer position for high school folks ages 16-18 who are interested in gaining experience mentoring younger girls. This position entails one week of full-time volunteer work at our summer camp. Teen Mentors lead activities, assist with band managing, and provide encouragement and support to our young campers. PART-TIME: Instrument Instructor (Monday-Wednesday 9am–12:30pm) Campers who come to GRNC summer camp have differing levels of musical experience. Some have played for years and some have never touched an instrument. Instructors will work with GRNC staff to plan classes and to create a fun, supportive, and educational space. You don’t have to be an expert to be a great instrument instructor, but some type of musical experience is required for this position. Workshop Leader (between 2–4 hours, or all-day at our larger camps) Part of what we do at GRNC Rock and Roll Day Camp is offer workshops. Throughout the week we offer workshops like DIY clothes/screen printing, the history of women in rock and roll, zine making, self defense, media literacy, body confidence, songwriting, recording, deejaying and a whole host of other workshops depending on what folks bring to the table. If you are interested in running one of the aforementioned workshops or bringing a brand new one to the table let us know! We want you! Workshop leaders will develop a one hour workshop on your topic with the help and support of GRNC staff that they will lead it 2-4 times during the camp week depending on scheduling. Lunch Band/Performer (about 2 hours, one day during camp) Each day, at lunch, we have a local band or performer play for the campers. This is a really fun way to be involved and to model positive rocking out. Receptionist (1–2 hours each day of camp, 8:30-9:30am) The receptionist(s) are critical for receiving our campers and parents and helping guide them into the day. You will help with checking campers in and out each day as well as help with directions, make phone calls, answer phone calls, and assist the camp directors in making sure all campers are present and accounted for. Before-Care & After-Care Mentor (1–2 hours, either morning 8–9am or afternoon 4:30–6pm) Each day at camp we have a certain number of campers that are dropped off early and some who are picked up late. This position will require you to be present with campers from 8:30-9:00am and/ or from 4:00-5:00pm. You can be present for one or both depending on your availability and you will be responsible for signing the campers in or out. Floater (any time commitment) We can always use extra hands at camp! You will probably be asked to fill in for a band manager or camp counselor who can't be present. NON-DIRECT ROLES → These positions are available to people of all gender identities! (including men) Gear Team (12pm–5:30pm, flexible scheduling) We always need folks to help us set-up and breakdown equipment, spaces, and venues. If you are great with logistics and planning, this is for you! Also, if you love to move instruments around and set up band rooms, this could be for you. And, if you just have a little time here and there and want to plug in sometime during the camp week and be helpful, this could be for you as well! Responsibilities in these positions could include setting up/loading in and breaking down/loading out of camp spaces, setting up band rooms, helping coordinate and plan the logistics of getting things to and from, etc. You will report to our summer Gear Coordinator! We offer scheduling flexibility with this position. Other camp roles include but are not limited to: Video/Photography Instrument Repair Food Coordinating Instrument Hauling Showcase Tabling Crafting Soliciting Sponsorship Flyering Hosting an out-of-town volunteer at your home!

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