Rowan Helping Ministries

Rowan Helping Ministries operates with a budget of $2.8 million, with only 5.2 percent of funds going to administrative costs. Typically, nonprofits spend from 15 to 40 percent of revenue on administrative costs. The 50 volunteers who serve each day, 365 days per year, make this possible. The Long street campus consists of the Ralph W. Ketner Center Crisis Assistance Center, the Robertson-Stanback Center and Jeannie’s Kitchen; three remodeled permanent supportive houses for families, two Eagle’s Nest apartment buildings, for guests to be able move out of the shelter into transitional housing. In addition, there are two satellite Food Pantries in Rowan County: Rowan Helping Ministries West and Rowan Helping Ministries East. Programs include Shelter Services, Jeannie’s Kitchen, the Clothing Center, Food Pantry, Crisis Assistance Network, Transitional Housing Programs, Rowan Helping Ministries-West, Rowan Helping Ministries-East, New Tomorrows, Food For Thought. Rowan Helping Ministries, now celebrating its 35th year, works to move people out of crisis, poverty, hunger, and homelessness in Rowan County. The organization was built, and continues to thrive on the generosity of volunteers, who give their time, talents and treasures. Our Mission is to serve, through cooperative community action, our neighbors in Rowan County who are in crisis, by providing essential life needs and educating and empowering them to break the cycle of crisis.

Volunteer Activities
Crisis Interviewing Life Coaching Reception Assistant Laundry Services Jeannie's Kitchen Food Pantry Clothing Center Second Helping Driver Food Packing Parties
Food & Shelter
Marissa Gainey
Contact Phone
(704) 637-6838
226 North Long Street
North Carolina
United States, 28144