Energy Savers Network

Looking for a fun hands-on volunteer opportunity to make a real impact in our WNC community by helping to lower the energy cost burden of limited-income families AND reduce energy consumption in the fight against climate change? You’ve come to the right place.  The Energy Savers Network team is comprised of passionate, dedicated volunteers who share their talents contributing to a wide variety of tasks–from weatherizing homes with energy-efficiency upgrades to building interior storm windows and canvassing low-income neighborhoods in Buncombe County and much more. Come learn new skills and enjoy meeting new people in the process.

Volunteer Activities
Our Client workdays consist of going out to low-income homes and implementing small energy-efficiency upgrades and retrofits that save the client 25-50% on their energy bills. These tasks include changing light bulbs, installing low-flow water fixtures, install smoke alarms, door weatherstripping, caulking, insulating water heaters, and much more. Our workday hours are from 9:30am - 2pm and you can sign up on our website calendar on our volunteer page. There will be a Team Leader to help guide you through the process and you must sign a volunteer waiver as well as read through our Volunteer Preparation & Client Communication page. Our Window Workshops are meant to build interior storm windows for our low-income single-pane homes to help keep them warm in winter. They are scheduled on Thursday evenings as needed. Our Canvassing Volunteer opportunity helps with Client Outreach and can happen on your own time using an online Canvassing map, clipboard, signup sheets, and fliers to hand out. If you know spanish this is a huge plus as we do visit latin x communities!
Steffi Rausch
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