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Kode4Kids has been at the forefront of making a difference in children’s lives since 2020. Located at the intersection of community and life, Kode4Kids is a life-affirming journey that builds on the richness and power of lifelong values. We have been teaching young people the values and skills they need to become exceptional developers. In a future where computer literacy helps shape life, we believe that getting a head start will positively impact our students. Our structured program was made with young students in mind and helps set them up to understand computer science and excel at it. We've chartered our nonprofit to other high schools with students interested in teaching younger students how to code and help their community. Our goal is to grow the computer science community and welcome more students of all backgrounds to the group. Welcome!

Volunteer Activities
Kode4Kids is recruiting teachers/instructors that are high school students. These students will be picking one of four languages to help teach: Python, Java, Scratch, and HTML(which is coming soon)! The instructors will create or follow the curriculum of Kode4Kids in order to teach young students between the grades of 5th and 8th about coding. Reach out to learn more! :))
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