North Carolina Raleigh Chinese Language School

Raleigh Chinese Language School (RCLS) was founded in September 1977 at the campus of North Carolina State University by a group of enthusiastic Chinese-language educators. In 1996 RCLS was registered as a non-profit organization specialized in teaching Mandarin and traditional Chinese characters. Currently RCLS is housed at St.Timothy's School, at 4523 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27609. RCLS offers 26 language classes at different levels and 12 cultural classes to approximately 300 students, starting from pre-schoolers to adults. We offer classes on Saturday afternoons with a two-hour language class starting at 9:30 and one-hour cultural activity at 11:30. School schedule is based on the Wake County Public School System's Traditional calendar which comprises Spring and Fall semesters. For program detail, please check out the Curriculum page. In 2009, our language program was accredited by the Wake County Public School System. Registered students at RCLS will receive high school credit for their study of the Chinese language. Upon completion of the 8th grade level at RCLS, students will be able to earn up to two units of Chinese language credits at the Wake County Public Schools. RCLS and the community enjoy a close relationship that includes sharing resources and co-sponsoring cultural events. For many years, RCLS has worked with local museums, schools, and other non-profit organizations to support their cultural programs and activities.

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